Larry Hayes Partners

The E4 Path

A Proven Pattern for Expanding Leadership Skills


and define your goals, what brought you this far, your strengths, weaknesses and insights.

Your current success is no accident. Our vital first step is helping you test the foundation you will build upon – and target needed skills.


your awareness of possibilities with a fresh perspective and formulate your action plans.

Focused plans result from a broad view of options AND removing the irrelevant.

We expertly guide you in examining the risks, benefits and resources needed, to help your path take shape.



your progress, successes and new revelations as a leader while mastering the art of course correction.

“No plan survives contact with the real world.” We help you squeeze from every situation tangible gains in leadership ability: mastering the art of course correction and skillful evaluation of lessons learned and next steps.


your plan with eyes open, learning and improving with every step.

We keep you engaged with the biggest challenge of any leader: helping your team embrace every opportunity to grow stronger and more capable.

Putting E4 into Practice

Coaching with Larry Hayes Partners links possibilities for the future to the grounding of the present and the success stories of the past. It helps you give voice to dreams that are just beyond the horizon, where all exciting new endeavors take shape.

The goal is to explore creatively, assess possibilities, and learn to embrace prudent risks. On the E4 path clients learn to find the answers through asking powerful questions, of themselves and others, much like you would encounter through executive mentoring. To gain a sense of how the process unfolds, consider the following:

EXPLORE your strengths, weaknesses and insights…
  • Who are you as a person and a leader?
  • How did you get to where you are?
  • What have been your success factors so far?
  • What recurring obstacles do you face?
  • What have you learned about yourself along the way?
  • What is the next big step forward for you? What would it look like, feel like and sound like?
  • Why is that next big step important to you? What benefit will you experience when you achieve this?
  • How does today compare to your desired future? How big is the gap?
EXPAND your awareness of the possibilities…
  • How many possible ways are there to achieve your goal?
  • Who has already achieved what you want to achieve? How did they do it? What would you want to ask them about their journey?
  • What are the benefits to each possibility?
  • What are the risks to each possibility?
  • What are the resources you would need for each possibility?
  • How would you measure success?
  • What would an action plan look like?
  • Which actions will you actually take?
EXECUTE your plan as an opportunity to grow…
  • What steps have you taken?
  • What resources did you need/use?
  • What are you learning along the way?
  • What are the next best action steps for you?
  • How can you reward yourself for taking these steps?
EVALUATE your progress and correct course…
  • How are you progressing?
  • How are you measuring success?
  • What have been your big successes so far? How can you use that learning to create even more success?
  • What have been your obstacles so far? What options do you have to overcome them? What have you learned from your obstacles?
  • How is it feeling?
  • What are you getting out of this that you wanted/needed?
  • How are you celebrating success?
  • Once success is achieved on this goal, what is the next big thing for you?