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Making Improvements in Leadership Measurable.

In sales and production roles, measurement is easy: dollars, units, time, headcount, revenue, expenses.

Leadership is harder to quantify, but there are real indicators:

  • Attracting, developing and retaining top talent.
  • Accomplishing strategic initiatives faster.
  • Building strong teams.
  • Resolving conflict quickly and effectively.

The E4 Path incorporates the science of strengthening and measuring leadership factors that are conducive to a strong business.

That’s why every engagement begins by helping you:

  • Gain a crystal clear understanding of your challenges and opportunities.
  • Assess which risks would be prudent, how to test them and measure results.
  • Understand how assessments, satisfaction ratings or retention benchmarks can be applied to produce the desired results.
  • Define what “becoming a better leader” means to YOU, and how to align your leadership style to your own values and your organization’s culture.
Measurable results, lasting new skills.

We’re focused on real results, not creating a one-time effect that fades. Before we embark on building skills, together we define intangibles such as bigger, better, stronger, or faster, and then set benchmarks to measure progress.

Our mission: to produce a lasting improvement in leadership skills with your high performers which will create a measureable impact on your organization.