Larry Hayes Partners

Who We Are

Executive Leadership Coaches Devoted to Your Success

Advancing the Cause of Leadership for 25 Years

Founded on a quarter century of experience in helping people develop themselves and their people, we are fully dedicated to each client’s well-being and the achievement of their own and their employers’ goals.

Though skilled in many disciplines, our executive leadership coaching focuses on just one of a choice set of methods that are selected based on the effectiveness for each client’s needs.

That is why we work in concert with, and help you assess the need for, other complementary professional services:

  • Consultants
  • Education / Training
  • Mentors
  • Counseling / Therapy

We help you discern what’s most important to you, and then formulate specific ways to achieve it.

Our Values
  • To be fully dedicated to our clients’ well-being and achievement of their own goals.
  • Listen to, understand, support and celebrate success with our clients.
  • Understand our own worldview and how it guides our actions, and commit ourselves to understand the worldview and actions of others.
  • Look at all of the data, including that which doesn’t support the desired findings.
  • Devote ourselves to lifelong learning to retain our state of the art standing among coaches who work with comparable clients.
  • Be on our own journey - professional, personal and spiritual - as well as a strong partner with our clients on their journeys.
  • Take responsibility for our actions, apologize for our mistakes, and make amends if we can.
  • Take responsibility for our actions, apologize for our mistakes, and make amends if we can.
  • To always align our goals and actions to these values.

Meet the Team

Larry Hayes, CPC, ACC

Larry HayesLarry is a Certified Professional Coach and experienced trainer with more than 25 years of helping people develop themselves and those around them.

By nature a very curious person, he has developed a unique structure for helping clients ask questions that lead to breakthrough answers in many aspects of their lives. His clients appreciate his ‘whole life’ approach to their success.

“I enjoy getting to know the whole person,” relates Larry, “and seeing them achieve their professional, family, community and personal goals. I’ve yet to have a client who said that the benefits of their coaching begin and end at the office door.”

Evolving from his earlier work on more traditional seminars, this approach of engaging the whole person immediately began producing more powerful and long-lasting effects for clients.

“I had been conducting leadership/management seminars for many years,” Larry recounts, “and a lot of intensive team development work with executive leadership teams and top sales producers. What became obvious was that a short seminar or offsite was not producing the full value that an ongoing coaching relationship could provide.”

By asking the right questions, he discovered that the more effective a leader was, the more that person aspired to extend their positive influence into other areas of their life.

“Top leaders see themselves as much more than a businessperson,” he reflects. “Successful people want to expand their success. They do aspire to become better leaders in their organizations, but they also have a generosity in mind, with a desire to have a positive impact in their families and communities as well.”

By listening carefully and observing his clients’ growth, he discovered that most were seeking ways to apply their newfound skills outside of the office.

“Clients would relate to me how something we had been working on for business created these unexpected gains in their personal lives and relationships. So instead of letting them figure out on their own how to apply it, I started inviting those aspects into the coaching relationship. Naturally, it’s up to the client what our agenda covers, but there’s no boundary on what we consider to be ‘success’. If it’s important to them, it’s important to me. And there’s ALWAYS a positive gain on the business side when someone is functioning better as a whole person.”

Larry’s executive leadership coaching method evolved into the E4 Path, a unique approach to helping individuals and teams Explore, Expand, Execute and Evaluate as they create ever-widening circles of success in their lives and business.

The work is influenced by Larry’s extensive studies on separate and complementary aspects of coaching with:

  • Harvard University professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, authors of numerous books including Immunity to Change
  • Jack and Carol Weber, professors at Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia
  • Nick Ellse and Mike Lunnon-Wood at Raising the Bar in London, England.

Larry has coached extensively in the US and Europe. He has served as a Master Coach at a global financial services firm, where he was also responsible for the talent development of others in their internal coaching organization. Larry was co-facilitator of Senior Leadership Development Programs at that institution.

  • International Coach Academy – holds the credential Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • International Coaching Federation – holds the credential Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • The Securities Industry Institute at Wharton School of Business, University of Virginia – Certification
  • Immunity to Change – Certificate of achievement from the private consulting firm of renowned authors and Harvard Professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey
  • Leadership Practice Inventory, Certified 360° Feedback Coach – certificate of achievement from the private consulting firm of renowned coaches and Darden School of Business (U. VA) professors Jack and Carol Weber (Carol was executive coach to Jack Welch, former Chairman of GE)
  • Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – Certified under Dr. Roger Pearman, the intellectual successor to Meyers and Briggs. Pearman is recognized as the leading expert on this tool. MBTI is the most widely recognized tool used in the coaching profession.
  • Kolbe Index – certification
  • The Ohio State University – dual degrees in Music and Education (B. Mus.Ed)

Developed by Larry Hayes

  • Red Thread Model (co-developed) – for sales people/teams
  • E4 – the Larry Hayes Partners branded coaching model
Pamela Womble, MSOD

Pamela WombiePamela Womble has successfully partnered with organization leaders in increasing organizational health and performance by targeting its most valuable and expensive resource: the human resource. Her professional accomplishments include thought leadership, oversight and execution of leadership development, diversity and inclusion and team performance initiatives in the financial services industry.

She has over twenty- five years of professional development and organizational development experience. A highly skilled facilitator, coach and consultant, she advances pragmatic business strategies that focus on maximizing the productivity, creativity and commitment of the workforce.

As a leader with a global financial services firm, Pamela expanded resources to increase recruitment, development, and retention of diverse talent into existing training programs. In addition, she developed national training curriculums to leverage leadership and employee development and is experienced in needs and skills assessment tools and adult learning theories and applications. She is proficient in working with all levels of leadership, and specializes in communication, client service, productive conflict and business strategies. She successfully delivered online training, customized coaching consultations and 100+ training programs nationwide.

Pamela holds a Masters of Science degree in Organization Development from American University, Washington DC.

Finally, she partnered with her husband Chef Herb Allwood to execute the start-up of 701 mosaic, an award winning restaurant in Ocean City, New Jersey, featuring contemporary Caribbean and Mediterranean cuisine.

Martin B. Maddin

Martin MaddinMartin B. Maddin, Esq. is the Founder and CEO of PEAK Performance International. He is a leadership and business coach with experience as an attorney and a successful business owner. He brings a wealth of practical experience to the coaching world, having successfully started, managed and grown a small business to the point of profitability and ultimately sale. In addition to running a business, Marty also spent numerous years practicing law as a commercial real estate and corporate business attorney.
Marty has worked across numerous levels of leadership, industry and stages of business development. Whether working with the CEO of a start-up company, management at a Global 500 Company or attorneys at a law firm, Marty has successfully impacted individuals and organizations through the delivery of personalized coaching and training.

Marty is a dynamic leader with a remarkable capacity to foster environments where others feel safe around accountability and free thinking. He delivers results by combining authentic communication with a significant understanding of human emotions and behaviors. Marty brings energy and an entrepreneurial spirit to everything he does and he works with professionals who are willing to conceive and then achieve extraordinary results.

Marty currently serves on the Board of Directors for numerous Detroit based non-profits. He is a member of the International Coach Federation and the Professional Coaches Association of Michigan. He earned his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan and his Juris Doctor from the University of Wisconsin Law School.