Larry Hayes Partners

In Their Own Words…

What Clients Are Saying About Larry Hayes Partners

  • “Our team needed to be more organized and better able to articulate our goals and how we were actually going to accomplish them. We got much better at breaking our work down into actionable deliverables and that gave us much more confidence to achieve.

  • “Larry helped the team look at their problems and examine what had broken down, but from a solution perspective, so that we didn’t focus just on our faults or placing blame. Larry helped lay the foundation for accountability so that we could be much for functional.”

  • “As a team, we desperately needed a “third-party” presence. Some communication issues had been problems for our team for so long that they were beyond repair internally. Larry was great at considering all opinions and perspectives and then using that information to lead us in dynamic discussions.

  • “Larry led the team and discussions with balance, got involvement from the entire group. He’s adaptive to very different personalities; adept at fielding sarcasm or strong personalities, and can also relate to introverts and get them to open up.”

  • “He always seemed to have an engaging and relevant story to share, with every topic we addressed together. The time we spent with Larry was always enjoyable, yet productive.”

  • “He’s very skilled at helping people fine-tune an existing business model. Larry works with those who are already top achievers and then takes them to an even higher level.”

  • Larry’s discretion and commitment to confidentiality is second to none. Very admirable.

  • “After 6 years of sprinting to grow the business, we were tired. Then the markets began to collapse, and burn-out set in. Suddenly we no longer felt pro-active, but reactive. It was overwhelming. Larry helped us see that our burnout was because of a lack of capacity – not just the market collapse. That meant it was something that we could control, which helped us regain hope and confidence. This allowed us to speak effectively to our clients, get the energy to do the necessary research and still support our day-to-day operations. I’m not sure we would have made it otherwise.

  • “I’m normally a skeptic, but his personality, knowledge and experience really piqued my interest to discover how much value he could add. Larry brings tangible examples and then relates them to your own situation. He really established confidence that he understood our business. Soon I was eager to work with him, and I’m so glad I did.”

  • I gained a lot of insight from working with Larry. He helped me see the reasons behind the communication barriers among team members. With this improved insight and understanding, our team has overcome many hindrances in functioning as an efficient and productive team.”

  • “Larry was able to pinpoint trouble spots and warn management so we could act on them.He showed us additional opportunities that we could take advantage of, even if outside the scope of his work. In a short time he became a valuable asset.”

  • “Larry’s a great communicator. He skillfully identifies the core meaning of someone’s statement,cutting through corporate politics or language that is couched in political correctness.”

  • “Our team had discussed implementing a financial plan procedure for top clients. But after months of indecisive conversation it still hadn’t been put in place. Larry mediated conversations which ended in at least one official decision per session. In this way we made progress in acting decisively and were held accountable for the full implementation.”

  • “Larry has great compassion for people and a keen ability to see things from another’s perspective. His questions really probe deep to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. He leads you on a process of self-discovery.