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1-on-1 Executive Development Coaching

Rapidly Transforming Good Leaders into Great Leaders

Great leaders develop their high potential people. We help them do it faster.

Are you ready to experience the thrill of leading a fully engaged organization? Great leaders retain their high potential people by helping them remain fully engaged, energized, motivated and prepared.

Creating that sense of engagement on your own can only be done so quickly. You can accomplish it much more rapidly by bringing Larry Hayes Partners in to provide executive development coaching.

1-on-1 coaching helps your best people grow more confident in their leadership skills, their ability to gain cooperation from others, and their progress on vital initiatives.

Individuals learn to create measurable objectives that align with their responsibilities and contribute to their goals. They shed the frustration of being reactive, and instead become confidently proactive – a critical factor cited in job satisfaction.

Who benefits from 1-on-1 Executive Development Coaching?

Clients engage with us when they want to expand the boundaries of their current success:

  • Executives who are already “good leaders,” but want to develop their leadership skills to move even further.
    Impact: Coaching allows them to broaden their ability to influence others and create positive change.
  • Business owners who recognize that further success requires they expand their own leadership skills.
    Impact: Coaching helps them develop strong leaders to whom they can delegate, freeing themselves to focus on strategy.
  • Mid-level managers with high potential identified as the future of their organization (the top 2-5%).
    Impact: Coaching prepares them for their next career step (a leap really) into more senior roles. As the company stretches them with new challenges, coaching ensures they succeed.
  • Emerging leaders, the “best and brightest” from a functional standpoint, who require new skills to take on leadership roles.
    Impact: Coaching helps them become a “leader of people” and builder of teams. Coaching provides support as they foster a collaborative environment, hold others accountable to their goals and action plans, resolve conflicts and remain confident in difficult conversations.
  • Leading Sales people and Sales teams who are already your top performers but may be approaching a plateau that they want to surpass.
    Impact: Coaching helps them objectively evaluate their current business, find opportunities for efficiency and refine their team performance to increase their revenue and profitability.
Which of your high potential people is a candidate for coaching?

Successful coaching clients recognize that coaching is not being provided to correct some flaw. Rather it is a demonstration of the company’s eagerness to invest in them. With that perspective they experience better results in all that they undertake, enjoy more satisfaction with their life and work, and realize faster achievement of the things that are truly important in their careers and lives.

If you had to select just one person who could experience such benefits, who would it be?

Contact us today to discuss how developing leaders that are fully engaged can build the overall success of your organization.