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Business Team Coaching

Accomplish Your Vital Initiatives Faster

Develop stronger teams by inspiring consensus.

Business Team Coaching develops working units that are cohesive and agile. The E4 Path establishes an environment that fosters consensus, buy-in and ownership, ensuring that team members learn the skills to keep each other focused on what’s important:

  • What are we doing and why?
  • For whom are we doing it?
  • How will we measure to know that it worked?

Building consensus is much different that gaining cooperation.

Cooperation says “I think we should do this and I want you to participate.”

Inspiring consensus means asking “Is this a good idea? If so, how can we best accomplish it together?” It encourages the creativity of others.

The skills that team members learn through coaching extend beyond the boundaries of their team. Each person develops the ability to help others ask and answer these same vital questions. This creates and an extraordinary ability to build consensus with other teams throughout the organization.

  • Moving beyond a plateau – for top quintile sales people/teams
  • Succession planning – in anticipation of retirement of senior sales people
  • Re-building – after the departure of a team member
  • Adding new competencies to their sales offerings

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