Larry Hayes Partners

Retreats and Meetings

Expert Planning & Facilitation

Successful meetings produce TANGIBLE progress and action.

Executive leadership teams call on us for help in planning, facilitating and delivering their next offsite, retreat or strategy meeting.

We partner with you at the planning phase, asking all the right questions much like a business strategy consultant. Then we help conduct the meeting, ensuring there is clarity and accountability for follow through.

With facilitation resting in the hands of an expert, you are able to participate and contribute more fully. Instead of worrying about process and details, you are free to engage on a deeper level.

Involve us to whatever extent is necessary to ensure results.

Our process includes:

  1. Develop an agenda that will produce REAL progress. Identify all attendees of the offsite and interview the major stakeholders to determine their desired outcomes. This focuses on:
    1. STRENGTHS – What is the unit doing that’s really good? How can we increase it and celebrate it?
    2. WEAKNESSES – Where are improvements needed? Where should funding and effort be concentrated?
    3. OPPORTUNITIES & THREATS – What does the business environment look like? For what should we be preparing?
  2. Conduct expert facilitation for the meeting to ensure it results in:
    1. A rich, well-rounded discussion with buy-in and participation by all, not just the most vocal;
    2. Responsibilities that are clearly assigned;
    3. Milestones, action steps, and timelines to be followed;
    4. Next meetings that are defined and scheduled
  3. Provide implementation coaching
    1. Ongoing coaching with the offsite participants to ensure consistency of communication and problem resolution
    2. Ensure ongoing implementation of all action steps
    3. Measure successes, quantify obstacles

To discuss planning and facilitation of your next important event, please contact founder Larry Hayes directly.